Ode to Freya

“Hail to thee, Freya, Queen of the Aesir,Queen of Vanir, fair Lady of Álfheim.Mistress of magic, Mother of Midgard;By the sovereign power of seithrAnd strength of BrísingamenLend me your insight in this my rite.Freya!Great Goddess!Thee I call, thee I invoke!Surround me in your feathered cloakThat I may see through the nine worldsFrom the roots to … Read more

Faerie gifts

It is believed that to know the name of a particular fairy could summon it to you and force it to do your bidding. The name could be used as an insult towards the fairy in question, but it could also rather contradictory be used to grant powers and gifts to the user. But the … Read more

The creation of Mjölnir, Draupnir and Gungnir

One day, Loki the trickster found himself in an especially mischievous mood and cut off the gorgeous golden hair of Sif, the wife of Thor. When Thor learned of this, his quick temper was enraged, and he seized Loki and threatened to break every bone in his body. Loki pleaded with the thunder god to … Read more

Fairy rings and dances

According to folklore, fairy rings are magical circles in which witches and faeries meet to sing and dance at night. The wild enchantment of the faerie music can lead passersby inexorably towards the ring which like a faerie or a kiss or faerie food and drink, can lead to captivity forever in the world of … Read more

Fairy etiquette

Fairy etiquette is a strict and exacting art. Different types of fairies observe many different standards of manners, and the ignorant or uninformed risk many dangers when dealing incorrectly with the fairy folk. Brownies and their ilk (the bwca in Wales, the bodach in Scotland, the Manx fynnoderee, sometimes the pixies of Devon and Cornwall, … Read more

Faeries tricks and crimes

Faeries have always interfere in the life of mortals and it is probably their reason of being among us. A lot of “evil” fairies have been held responsible for the bad weather and the resulting poor crops, diseases, disparitions and all the things that men could not explain. Less harmful are the “tricks”, the special … Read more

Fairy help

Many races of the fey folk chose to give their services to mankind. These ranged from small, one-time tasks and gifts to daily hard work tilling fields or performing domestic chores. However, several taboos were placed upon the beneficiaries of fairy help and the etiquette should be scrupulously respected. First, thanking or rewarding the fairy … Read more

Protection against fairies

Friday is the  day of the week in which one should always take special precautions against them. For instance, before telling stories of the fairies, one should prefix one’s tales with: “A blessing attend their departing and travelling! This day is friday and they will not hear us.” This helps to ensure that the fairies’ … Read more